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The top 5 lead generation tools in 2017 are much different than they were before. Now, S-curve growth is possible when you take advantage of all that technology and the online marketing world offers. Before building your marketing campaign, consider each of the suggestions below!

1. Marketing Automation

With marketing automation tools (like HubSpot), you can build personalized content that actually converts. The “buyer personas” option makes it possible to target in on your prospects, while the campaign management feature keeps you in control.

2. Customer Relationship Management

A customer relationship management (CRM) product will help to analyze buyer behavior and website data. These two variables can work tremendously in your favor, as it becomes possible to identify the most profitable and logical marketing avenues to follow. The best CRMs are AI-powered and will be able to collect consumer data from various marketing and sales channels.

3. Social Media Influencers

Sometimes you can achieve more by simply having an influential person backing your marketing campaigns over social media. This statement is especially true when you have a niche-relevant influencer at your disposal for an engagement marketing style campaign. Right now, YouTube influencers and video-based content are providing terrific results.

4. Social Media Ads

When you run a sponsored post, it shows directly in the news feed. So, you can create targeted calls to action through clever posts and build interaction and then sponsor the status for your larger promotion. This staggered approach to setting up social media ads will make them more trustable, as there will be likes, shares and comments on your posts before they show in targeted prospects’ news feeds.

You worry so much about how your website ranks in Google yet tend to forget about little loopholes that exist. Right now Google is pulling from as far as the second page (it was once just the first page) to create “Featured Snippets” search results. These results are targeted answers, and there are many niche-relevant phrases that do not already feature snippets. Given the lower competitiveness, it is possible to take the top spot (ahead of the #1 SERP), which gets more traffic to your site that might convert.

Top 5 Lead Generation Tools Conclusion

The lead generation tools available in 2017 are much different than what was around even only five years ago. Some popular methods right now are just current trends, but you should always keep up with what’s hot in the digital marketing industry. Either way, this is a great place for many startups to begin their journey!

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