SEO: Do it yourself or hire a professional?

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SEO: DIY or Hire a Pro
Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a practice that involves utilizing a series of tactics to improve a website’s rankings on a search engine results page, or SERP. In today’s internet-savvy world, it is a necessary practice to ensure that your website receives the maximum amount of exposure. The goal is to rank high enough to appear on the first page of search engine results. This is because a staggering 90 percent of searchers never click the second page of results, meaning those who are listed on subsequent pages have a difficult time generating organic traffic to their pages. Many who operate online stores, blogs or company websites have a basic idea of SEO and opt to take the practice into their own hands. In some circumstances, this is a beneficial approach, however, sometimes it is a job best left to a professional.

SEO: When to Do-It-yourself:

  • Your business is small and has a tight budget.
  • You are tech-savvy and have a firm grasp of basic SEO concepts.
  • You are a quick learner with free time to research and learn more in-depth SEO strategies.
  • You understand the difference between white hat and black hat SEO.
  • You understand the importance of keyword research and are willing to conduct the research yourself.
  • You are an adequate writer who can utilize keywords in a way that sounds natural.
If you opt to turn your website’s SEO into a Do-It-yourself project, you should first have a basic understanding of the practice and be somewhat technologically inclined. You certainly do not need to be an expert, however, as there are countless tutorials and blogs that aim to assist small business owners or bloggers in improving their online presence. Be sure to heed the advice of a reputable reference that utilizes ethical white hat SEO techniques. Those who suggest tactics such as keyword stuffing or other shady practices should not be consulted as these techniques are frowned upon in the field and can result in your website being banned from search engines. Turning SEO into a DIY project will likely take longer than it would if you hired a professional but if you are willing to learn, it is feasible and you can achieve impressive results.

SEO: When to Hire a Pro:

  • You have a medium to large sized business and can afford to make an investment.
  • You are unfamiliar with technology and the internet, beyond browsing the web and using a smartphone.
  • You are clueless about keywords and the inner workings of search engines.
  • You struggle to attract visitors to your pre-existing website, despite numerous efforts.
  • You do not have the time or patience to study the best SEO practices.
Hiring a professional to handle your SEO is an excellent investment. They are aware of common mistakes and pitfalls in the field and you can rest assured that you will receive the most up-to-date advice to garner maximum results. A professional will not rely on generic SEO methods and will develop a custom strategy for your online presence. If your website is already ranking highly on the SERP, they will also aid in improving conversion rates and identifying any shortcomings. When you hire a professional to handle your SEO needs, the job will be done correctly the first time, saving you countless hours of work and frustration, while also ensuring improved website rankings.

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