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I had the pleasure of contributing to Foundr Magazine with like-minded marketers and entrepreneurs (March 2017). We were asked what was the coolest thing about working in e-commerce and what piece of advice would I recommend to an entrepreneur prior to starting their own e-commerce business. I have included my response below:

Coolest E-Commerce Experience

The only thing cooler than making a sale is having your customer share their purchase online; it is validation that you are selling a great product and your business is on the correct path toward success.

E-Commerce Advice

Most e-commerce platforms have all the features you need to run a successful business; however, not all of them are built to be an all-in-one website builder (e.g. drag-and-drop design, multiple content types, etc.). Take advantage of free trials and test out every feature to make sure that the platform fits all of your needs.

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